All lessons at GolfWorld+ are structured around analysing your swing with respect to the goals you want to achieve, determining the changes that need to be made, then giving you the drills to make the change effectively

The use of normal clubs and balls enable you to get an accurate golfing experience and accelerate your learning in a controlled environment.


Professional Coaching

There is no better way to work on specific aspects of your game than to get the full attention of your Golf Teacher one-on-one.

The high-tech facilities at the GolfWorld+ Indoor Golf Centre allow the professional to assess the following aspects of your game:

  •  your technique using Digital Video Analysis and the Computerised Swing Analysis systems
  •  your ball striking ability as you hit balls on the range
  •  your course management - play some holes with the professional
  •  your clubs performance on the club analysis system - do your clubs suit your game?
  •  and measure each of your clubs to determine if the set is correctly matched.

Digital Video Analysis
See your swing through the eyes of the professional. Advanced Digital Video Analysis (DVA) shows your golf swing in detail, frame-by-frame.

Using the computer system to superimpose graphics onto your swing makes it easier to understand and improve





There are several lesson types you can choose from:

  Standard Lesson
60 mins
An intensive hour incorporating: assessing your goals, Digital Video Analysis, Computerised Swing Analysis, and drills given to improve swing and ball striking
Block Booking
4 x 1hr
Four 60 minutes lessons
- great value!

(Note: valid for 3 months after first lesson/booking)