Custom Fitting
It is estimated that 70% of the golf clubs in use are not suitable for the player using them!

Over the years our physical characteristics and playing ability changes - age, strength, height, weight, stature, flexibility, and skill level all affect our performance. Over a lifetime of golf (from 8 to 80) you will probably need to change your clubs at least 7 times!

Custom Fitting provides you with a set of clubs to match your own unique swing, enabling you to play to your potential. Custom Fitted clubs can improve your distance, accuracy and consistency, and result in a reduction of up to 25% in your handicap.

At GolfWorld+ you can get a custom fitted set of SnakeEyes clubs, or have your own clubs analysed for suitability to your ability

GolfWorld+ Indoor Golf Centre offers Custom Club Fitting to provide you with a set of clubs to match your own unique swing, enabling you to play to your potential.

What Happens at a fitting session?

  • Your ability is assessed

Handicap, years playing, good (and bad!) elements of your game

  • Your performance with your own clubs is measured

The Club analysis system provides an accurate benchmark of how your clubs perform with your swing

  • New Clubs are fitted

Our extensive range of trial clubs is used to find a set of clubs and club specifications just for you!

Clubs are ordered directly from the manufacturer - they are built in the factory exactly to the specification you require

A club fitting session is FREE! You only pay for any clubs you choose to order


Club Check

  • What condition are you current clubs? 

  • Do you have a matched set? 

  • Do you have particular clubs in the bag that just don't seem to "work"?

Come to GolfWorld+ and have a club check.  A full check of all the clubs in your bag takes approximately 1 hour and covers swing weight, length, loft, lie, grip size and shaft flex.  From this data we can determine if your clubs are a matched set i.e. all clubs have the same performance characteristics and therefore feel the same.

Have your clubs checked for consistency and suitability for just £25


If you wish to have  changes made to any of your clubs, this can be done onsite at the GolfWorld+ Indoor Golf Centre by the qualified GCA club maker.


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