High-Tech Golf Training Centre!
GolfWorld+ Indoor Golf Centre offers everything to improve your golf. Suitable for beginners, improvers and experienced low-handicap or scratch golfers. Operational all year, come rain or shine....even when it is dark outside!

 Advanced Golf Simulator
The advanced Golf Simulator uses a highly developed simulator mat that analyses club performance through the hitting area.
By using normal clubs and balls all the skill levels of the golfer relating to club head speed, ball velocity, swing path, club face at impact, strike point on the club face and ball spin are accurately translated onto the screen for accurate ball flight
Indoor Golf
There are 10 world famous championship courses and 2 par-3 "testers" for you to enjoy if you simply want to test your playing ability or have some fun playing indoor golf.
 Custom Workshop
At GolfWorld+ you can get a custom fitted set of SnakeEyes clubs, or have your own clubs analysed for suitability to your ability


We can measure the shaft frequency and swing weights of your clubs to determine if you have a matched set.


Club re-gripping facilities are available in the workshop.

Make sure your grips don't let you down!




Digital Video Analysis
See your swing through the eyes of the professional. Advanced Digital video analysis shows your golf swing in detail, frame-by-frame.

Using the computer system to superimpose graphics onto your swing makes it easier to understand and improve

Try the indoor putting green from LinksPutt - the worlds best indoor putting surface, as used by Colin Montgomery.

LinksPutt Putting SurfaceWith the LinksPutt putting surface installed at GolfWorld+ you are able to practice and improve your putting stroke with the guidance of the professional

Enjoy some rest and recuperation during your visit while enjoying free tea and coffee!