High-Tech Golf Training Centre!
GolfWorld+ Indoor Golf Centre offers everything to improve your golf. Suitable for beginners, improvers and experienced low-handicap or scratch golfers. Operational all year, come rain or shine....even when it is dark outside!

.....Centre currently closed


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  Re-gripped recently?
A new set of grips can do wonders for your game!
If your grips are worn, or shiny, or not the right size for your hands, it can cost you shots each round. 
New grips available, fitted to your size, from just £7 each

Digital Video Analysis

Has your game slipped this year?

Find the fix fast with Digital Video Analysis.



Come down to GolfWorld+ and experience golf indoors
Its warm, dry, and you are not stopped by bad light either! 
Don't stop playing just because its raining!


Smash your golf scores!
Head Pro Mark Pearson has released his guide to Putting:
How to Master Putting and Putt like a Pro-a guide to golf's "game within a game"

You can get your copy here

Indoor Golf
  • 10 Championship courses
  • 18 hole par-3 short course
  • 18 hole par-3 long course
  • Driving Range

  • Lessons
  • Digital Video Analysis
  • Computerised Swing Analysis
  • All ages

Custom Fitting
  • Made-to-measure clubs
  • Factory built
  • Play better
  • Reduce Handicap

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